Field management system using mobile phones [QTM]

Field management system (Quick Task Marking - QTM) describes processes that connect field staff to the enterprise or backend system using mobile devices.

Used in the environment where those out on the “field” are able to send daily reports of data such as sales, services, payment collections, work completion status, parts reorder and more. Traditional Field management system involved using expensive hand held terminals, repetitive paper work and manual labor leading to high cost and possible delays or errors. QTM introduces an easy alternative to Field management system, using mobile phones. Termed as QTM, field management is made easy using a mobile phone.

What is QTM?

QTM is a mobile field reporting software for those whose core business model relies on regular field reporting. QTM can be utilized effectively in many applications. Businesses such as payment collection, Order booking companies who deploy service technicians onto the field, reorder of parts or equipment onsite will benefit greatly.QTM software is loaded onto the mobile phone that doubles as a hand held terminal for instant information relay to the head office

Coupled together with a mini-printer, receipts can be printed instantaneously resulting in faster, error free data transaction!

 Benefits for Sales Representative

1. Online order booking through android based devices. 
2. Preloaded Beat/Tour plan accessible on the device with contact details.
3. Email of order booked sent to distributor automatically for faster execution.
4. Integrated email sent to head office.
5. Value wise / Category wise / Area wise / Beat wise collection order booking info.

 Benefits for H.O, they can do the Order booking analysis

1. Representative wise
2. Distributor wise
3. Region wise
4. Month/Week/Day wise
5. Beat wise

1. Representative wise
2. Distributor wise
3. Region wise
4. Month/Week/Day wise
5. Beat wise

Top Features
It is paperless alternative that provides instantaneous and secure data transmission for field reporting
Customizable to current application models
No complex technology involved. Software is loaded one time on the mobile phone
Data is uploaded in real time for quicker decision making and reports are updated immediately
Works on all basic Android enabled mobile phones
Optionally connect to a printer to print receipts on the spot
Does not require high end laptops, bulky PDAs or expensive smart phones.
24×7 service. Reduces manual intervention
Those on the field stay “connected” – thus making it easier for the head office to monitor reporting


Technical Specifications

Apart from its salient features, mFMS is also technologically advantageous to any field reporting business. Built on state of the art technology, mFMS offers a plethora of feature-rich options:

Built on Native Android Technology, no waiting for forms to load from web. This is a NATIVE app. 
Based on GSM / GPRS / EDGE / 3G / Wi-Fi
Can store unlimited number of fields in a form
For Android devices
Does not interfere with other applications running on the mobile phone
Auto-Suspend on an incoming call & resumes once done
Minimal memory occupancy depending on size of forms
Has field zoom feature for smaller screens
Password protect login forms
Features unique record numbering and date stamping
Control totals at end of each session
Caches frequently used words and displays them when needed.
Displays and sends confirmation on successful update(s)

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