Avoiding "Buddy punching" and "Time theft" could save you up to 10% of your total payroll costs. That could be the difference between make it or break it.

Noproxy is RealTime
Noproxy is Online
Noproxy is multi - locational
Noproxy supports access controller sync.
Noproxy is embedded with natural intelligence like Force exit, Bio-image view, N - in/outs, Manual support, excel import
Noproxy is build with future rich capabilities. It supports syncronization with Sapphire HR, a leading provider of Enterprise HR Application Solutions in the global market

Noproxy is different
  • It works in a real time manner. (online process)
  • Integrated with SMS alerts
  • It gives the  multi-location benefits. (Total control)
  • No miss punches guaranteed.
Online & Real-Time

This is a real time and online process. Here the machine and software works together. The machine is connected with the software directly. As soon as the person enroll his/her finger on the machine the entry of that person is automatically captured by the software. The senior authorities of the company can track the status of their employees at any place through the internet.

Further Noproxy is integrated with Sapphire HR - a complete payroll solution.

 with LIVE Face recognition

Online .  Multi-locational  .  No miss-punches

To arrange a free consultation or to know more about Noproxy

Please call:       (+91)  92161-42737 , 92165-42737
          Mail:       sapphire@jla.vsnl.net.in

Noproxy Basic edition includes -
Unlimited users* + Fingerprint Machine.

Allen Shih - Prompt Medical Care, LLC " Employee Web Time Clock is completely web-based so all you need is an internet connection at each office location and the USB fingerprint reader."

Johny Dutta - Family Trips "Great Product"

Anoop Milind - JP "Flexible, user friendly, gives a manager the type of monetary control they seek."

Sanjay Makkar - Connect inc "Noproxy is a great product, it has paid itself many times over !!"

Abhay Oswal- Motilal group "Biometric Employee Time Clock brings stronger control to any company. The savings you can accomplish with this program can be huge and might make your business or break it. Labor control has always been a very important issue for any business, and with this tool, supervising and controlling it is a lot easier!"

M.K. muthoor - Ganga Ram " I have to say that I just love this program. It’s what I have been searching for to deploy into the company. "

Vibhor Thapar - Fresh Inc. " Biometric Employee Time Clock pays for itself!"


Avoid "Buddy Punching". Fingerprint authentication makes virtually impossible to perform time theft. Our solution will save you money permanently!

No more paper. Avoid the hassle of auditing paper-based time cards.

Improve punctuality. You will always know who is on time and who is late.

Quick and easy set up. Connect the fingerprint reader to any USB port of your    Windows™ PC machine.
Become a reseller !   Its easy and almost free.

Contact: Mr. Saurabh chadha
               +91 - 92161-42737

Please make sure to call as per IST.
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